International Intellectual Property Protection Centre Limited 國際知識產權保護中心有限公司

Established in 2005, IIPPC is a corporate investigation company assisting Clients protect Intellectual Property and other company assets. IIPPC services include corporate investigation, market due diligence, risk management consulting, IT Security, Cyber Investigation and Forensic Services, and has worked closely with the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department in IPR enforcement action.
IT Security
Corporate IT vulnerability threat and risk assessment
Deployment of secure IT infrastructure
Detection of malicious malware, virus and advanced persistent threat attacks
Cyber Investigation and Forensic
Cyber tracing and online investigation for corporate and industries:


  • 1.     Online intelligence gathering on target corporations or individuals

  • 2.     Landscape research and online investigation

  • 3.     Development of online monitoring tools

Digital examination and analysis on digital devices such as computers and mobiles
Present digital forensic report and testify in judicial or administrative hearings
The IT team
Led by IT experts with PhD qualification and solid practical experience. The IT team members are top elites in IT security, cyber investigations and digital forensic fields. Members of the IT team are coming from technology crime and forensic experts of law enforcement agencies, practicing IT security experts, and legal experts specialized in hacking and various forms of technology crimes.
Incident Response
Preservation of evidence in occurrence of security incident such as hacking
Evaluate and take immediate action to minimize damages
Take remedial measures to avoid reoccurrence of incident